Stewardship: A Response to God's Mission

Stewardship is a core Christian practice rooted in scripture. The Bible offers a commentary on human stewardship that begins with God’s purpose in setting our first ancestor in the garden “to till and keep it”, and ends in the new creation, in a recurring pattern of crisis and resolution. That pattern of human crisis and divine resolution flows through the Bible — in the creation, in the covenant with Abraham, in the law, the prophets and the writings of the Hebrew scripture, in the life of Jesus, and in the continuing life of his disciples after the resurrection.

Stewardship is a response to the mission of God.  When we invite persons into discipleship and baptize, we also invite them into the practices of faithful stewardship. Those practices are properly framed in terms of whether or not they contribute to what God desires in and for the life of the world.


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"Stewardship: A Faithful Response to God's Mission"

 Stewardship is a way of life within the Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland.


How YOU Can Take Part In Stewardship

Some suggestions for getting involved:

  • Become a Licenced Lay Minister or Eucharistic Assistant
  • Join one of the groups or associations such as ACW
  • Become a member of Cursillo
  • Participate in resource planning and take part in special projects
  • Contribute financially


Gift Giving

We can participate in Christian stewardship in any number of ways, from volunteering to gift giving.  Financial gifts can be made through:

Regular Offerings  We give on a regular basis to Sunday collections, either using cash, cheques, visa, or, in a growing number of parishes, pre-authorized giving which debits regular amounts from your account to the parish account. 

Emergency Relief  We give spontaneously because there has been an earthquake in Nicaragua, many lives have been lost and those left behind are homeless and hungry: an emergency.

Special Programs  Over and above this, we have in this diocese special programs which receive gifts such as Children’s & Youth Camps, Christian Education, University Chaplaincy, Queen’s College, Outreach Ministry, and Social Justice.

Special One-Time Assistance  From time to time, your own parish will need special one-time assistance to fix the organ, the roof, the bell tower, or even build a new parish hall.

Longer term giving  Longer term giving can be done in several ways, either during our life time or after we die (legacy giving). How we give such a gift over to the church is often referred to as a planned or deferred gift as described in the preceding information.  (click the link to find out more about planned giving)