Resources During Covid 19

Returning to Eucharist in the Diocese has arrived!

Greetings all.
This week we have completed our Clerical Council regarding the return to Holy Eucharist..

We all believe that we have been guided by the Holy Spirit, and Shared together in Eucharist.

The Diocesan Fast will end after October 4th, which means by Sunday, with preparation there may be a Eucharist in your parish.  Covid 19 has challenged us, but as well has taught us many things.

There is a document and video available for you to view and study. Links are below for you.

I do believe that you will be blessed in many ways by what we will be doing at Eucharist in the Future.
Your Brother,and fellow servant in Christ.


Link to document

Link to Video



Latest Pastoral Directive from the Bishop following Alert Level Two,

Available Here

There are a number of people not on Facebook or other Social media Platforms.
We will use this page to provide you with access to worship, devotions etc that are available to you on line.

Brothers and Sisters, We have just released a document and a video that outlines how our Diocese will navigate through the uncertainty of regulations and the dynamics of  needs as we resume our corporate life.

This is the link for the video on our Google server: 
This is the link to the document:
Here is the link to the youTube video
Here is our Worship for Sunday June 14
The Sermon is a follow up to the video released this week regarding Church re openings. 
Please share as much as possible. Many thanks.
Link for Worship Bulletin


For the First week in May

Evening Prayer will be online Facebook and on Youtube tomorrow at May 3 at 2:00

For This Sunday, April 26

The Service is being live cast from St.Martin's Cathedral at 2:00 p.m

you can find it on Bishop John's Facebook page, or the Diocese you tube channel 

The document for the worship is here

Diocese YouTube channel is here!





Brothers and Sisters

I wish to thank the Finance Committee, Executive Committee and Clergy for all the work that has been done in relation to discerning a path forward for our Churches. What is happening in relation to Covid 19, is much bigger than a need to respond to a financial or logistical crisis. God is leading us!  God is able. The links here will provide you with the letter, and a video presentation.

I urge you all to read, view, give thanks, and trust in God. Bishop John

Video Link

Document link 


Holy Week in
The Diocese of Central Newfoundland

Our Diocese  and Bishop will be recording worship and messages. Everything available on social media will be found here. Each service is being broadcast live at the scheduled time, on Facebook and our YouTube channel. The services are being recorded as well, so you can share in them at any time .

To find our you tube channel go here.

Holy Week

The Schedule for Diocesan Holy Week Services being broadcast from St. Martin's Cathedral is here.
bess you for Joining in!
Please check with your own individual parish websites, Facebook of other social media centres for what is happening in your own context. If you are unsure, contact your rector.

Palm Sunday                           11:00 a.m.       Morning Praise

Holy Monday                         7:00 p.m.         A Service of Healing

Holy Tuesday                         7:00 p.m.         Meditative Prayer Service

Holy Wednesday                    7:00 p.m.         A Service of Compline

Holy Thursday                         1:00 p.m.         The Blessing of Oil

Good Friday                                                    3:00 p.m.  Solemn Intercession
and Meditation on the Cross

Easter Day                      11am for the Ringing of Bells and Liturgy of the Word

as we celebrate Christ’s glorious resurrection and victory over death.

March 30 (Monday)

A Service to Mark the Diocesan Eucharistic Fast

The Document for the Liturgy is Here


March 29 (Sunday)
Morning Prayer Is Here

The Printed Service is Here

March 28 

Pastoral Video Regarding Eucharist in the Diocese and Holy Week 2020 Here 

The Document that accompanies the Video is Here

March 22

Morning Prayer  March 22 Lent 4, from St. Martin's Cathedral

Printed Liturgy for the Service

The Anglican Church of Canada
A Centralized and Updated Web page for resources during the Corona Pandemic

For Lent 5 March 29 

Primates Message to our Diocese

The Church of England
Links to the Home Website. Beautiful Prayer Resources and international Information

The Anglican Parish of Twillingate

A Link to the Great Litany (with Music)

An Excellent Holy Week Resource

The Parish regularly updates audio files of worship and reflections. Available here

The Anglican Parish of Windsor Bishop's Falls

Here’s the social media links for Windsor-Bishops. All the devotional videos are uploaded to both platforms for any who do not use Facebook.


Forward Movement (Forward Day by Day)
Lectionary Based prayer and devotional resources


Latest News


Anglican Life is the newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada in the Province of Newfoundland. It is a section of the national paper, Anglican Journal.

AFP Newsletter

The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Canada) publishes newsletters several times during the year.  Check out it out on the national website: