Public Announcement – St. James Church on Pool’s Island

Public Announcement :
St. James Anglican Church on Pool’s Island
September 29,2020
From Bishop John Watton
I hereby inform one and all, that the leaders and congregation, having discerned and confirmed by professional examination, that the Church building, St. James Anglican on Pool’s Island is no longer safe for public worship. They have duly met have met to discuss the future of the building, and I have held a public meeting regarding this matter.

It has been confirmed for me that the cost of repairing or restoring St. James Church is beyond the means of the worshipping congregation, and interest of our local population. The decision has been ratified by the duly appointed leaders of St. James Congregation to permanently close the Church, and because of the condition of the building, have it dismantled.

At the present time options are being explored for such action.

As per the protocol laid out in the Diocesan document “Closing of Buildings Policy,” (available at, I now inform you that a decision will be confirmed within ten days of this written announcement. Should anyone have a concern, or wish to share an option, it must be received at my office no later than noon on Thursday October 8.

I commend the people of St. James Church, for years of faithful service, unity values of worship. When facing difficult times, they have been brave in making necessary decisions. The closing of a church building is always accompanied by grief, and we ask for public support and understanding as we move forward.

 A Copy of the Document is available here with my contact information is

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