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+ Thank you for taking the time to reflect and act on our Parish Appeal!

+ Thank you for your Generosity and life Giving Participation!

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Bishops Appeal for Your Local Congregation

By March of 2020 most of our congregations and parishes had completed their annual meetings and were looking forward to another year of worship, fellowship and Christian service.

Who would have thought in February that we would have to face such dramatic changes in our spiritual, personal, professional and community lives?

The Diocese of Central Newfoundland: Good Management, and a quick response

  • Your Diocese responded quickly to help parishes navigate the changes the pandemic has thrust upon us.
  • Our first response was to enable our own clergy to guide their parishes forward, by implementing a foundation of hope we called a “Jubilee” where each parish was able to keep all funds raised for the months from April to July.
  • On your behalf, in the midst of our own concerns, our diocesan contributions to Primate’s World Relief and the Anglican Church of Canada in relation to global suffering from Covid were made.
  • Your Diocesan Finance team, and particularly our Archdeacon and treasurer, during have ploughed through question after question, through reams and reams of government paperwork, insured the integrity of our processes, and protected the financial future of our Diocese.
  • The Diocese ensured that our parishes were equipped to handle all costs and that cash flows would not stop.
  • Simply put, we have all worked hard to ensure our parishes and clergy were taken care of so that our parishes can, in their turn, look after their congregations, and the vulnerable in each of our Communities.

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In our Parishes certain things have become evident.

  • In relation to weekly offerings most of our parishes have been able to maintain previous levels. They have provided various ways for people to give, and whenever possible have returned to worship.
  • Many have realized that in order for our congregations to survive, we MUST maintain, and even increase the amount of fundraising that we do.
  • Fundraising is going on, but it is complicated and confusing because of regulations and limitations.
  • The truth is, we do need our people to step up, and our communities to support our local Churches. How do we do that?


The Challenge of Fundraising

  • In each our Parishes and congregations there are a number of people who are diligently working to raise funds for the well-being of their own congregations, parishes, and our Diocese.
  • It is incredibly heartwarming to see the devotion, but heart breaking to see the struggle that accompanies navigating rules, regulations, government directives, and all sorts of personal and public interpretations.
  • In addition, we have no idea how the ongoing pandemic will affect our ability to gather, let alone engage fundraising activities.

A Pathway to Helping

As the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland, I launch this appeal for each Anglican or Friend of the Anglican Church, to make a tangible and generous offering to your local Anglican Congregation.

We invite everyone to offer hope to congregations who have been challenged financially this year.

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Your generous offering will say:

  • “I care about the presence and witness of our Church in the community, and want to encourage and support our Clergy and lay people who are working very hard during these times. “
  • “My gift is an authentic, no strings attached sign of my belief that community and faith is important.”
  • “I believe that God will use my gift to build Hope and Community through the work of the Local Church during and beyond these difficult times.

I have asked the Clergy in every parish to make this message available, and to create a pathway by providing provide envelopes, opportunities for giving …whatever works in your context. All funds will go to your local congregation, and will be used for the benefit of mission and ministry.
Let’s build up each other in love and faith!

May your Good Works Shine before others and Glorify our Creator in Heaven!

Thank you!

Bishop +John, December 1, 2020


This appeal Runs from the Second Sunday in Advent and continues until January 17th, which is the Second Sunday after the Epiphany.

Let’s overwhelm our communities with Love, Hope and generosity!



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