News from the Diocese April 2017

News from the Diocese April 2017

We are pleased to provide you our first

Website News

from the

Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland

44th Diocesan Synod

Our theme this year is  “Believing the Waters would Part – In Faith We Step Forward”

The people of Israel could not go back. There was nothing left to go back to. They couldn’t move forward, else they drown. Faith and action was required..they stepped forward, and the waters parted.

The imperative for us as we begin is to comprehend Jesus desire that there is no hierarchy of power or importance at any Synod of the Church・ We have each been called to be here in unity of the offering of ourselves we each made in our own in our Baptismal covenant, to do the work of God, for the People of God in the whole diocese.

Source:  Bishop John

This is a Business Synod involving:
  • reports and discussion about the way we run our Father’s business
  • understanding and appreciating processes and functions
  • finances, stewardship
  • challenges and new beginnings



Our worship service on Friday night included the induction of officers and the ordination of James Spencer.  Click here to Read More about Ordination and Rev. James.


New Diocesan Website Launched

We are pleased to have our new website up and running. Take a read through, learn more about who we are and what we do, find resources and more.

Let Us Know

Be sure to let us know what you think of the site. You can use the form below to send your comments and/or suggestions. Or, send an email to We'd love to hear from you.

We will be adding new items of interest and providing information on what's on the go for the Diocese on a regular basis.

Come Back and Visit the Site OFTEN


    The Bishop Writes

    From time to time, Bishop John writes to the people of the diocese sharing information on what's happening within the Church. Other times, he writes a blog sharing inspirational moments, his thoughts of faith, to give comfort and the like.  You'll find his writings on this website under 'the Bishop writes'.

    Bishop John also starts and ends each day with a prayer which he shares with you on the Diocese Facebook Page.  A link is provided throughout this website.  We invite you to make it a part of your daily devotions in the hope and with God's will that it will bring you peace, comfort and strength.

    Upcoming Camps and Conferences

    We are in the planning process for our summer camps and fall conferences.  Check it out! 

    • Cursillo Weekend - a weekend of fellowship, of worship and of learning. It's about developing a deeper understanding about our faith and lives as a Christian Community


    • Then there's our Youth Camp - a week of learning made fun!  The kids will have a ball.


    You'll find more info on our calendar with more details being added as decisions are made.

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