Licensed Lay Ministry

A Note from the Bishop Regarding Licensed Lay Ministries

Brothers and Sisters,

Our Diocese has a blessed legacy of Lay involvement and ministry in our Church. In past time, which some of us still remember, when all of Newfoundland was one Diocese, a dedicated group of people, known as Licensed Lay readers enabled ministries which could not have taken place without the valued assistance of this dedicated group.

Today, this ministry of the Church remains essential in our rural diocese. More and more, we are being led by the Spirit of Jesus to support, enable and provide resources for Lay Ministry.

In our Diocese, we no longer use the Cultural term “Lay Reader”, but refer to all Baptized Christians as minister of Jesus. In the case of liturgical and pastoral ministries that is licensed by the Bishop we joyfully use the title Licensed Lay Minister.

It is very clear to me that we need to ask the Spirit’s Holy guidance upon all we do in our times.

The idea of Formation, needs to be recovered. By that I mean a process for whatever ministry we feel called to, of personal, community and episcopal discernment which prayerfully agrees upon and acknowledges the call or Vocation.  Once a calling is recognized and affirmed, it becomes vital for that person, and their ministry to be built up, supported, tested and affirmed by the Local Church and parish in which they serve.

We are to be responsible for each other for the building up of the Body of Christ.

We thank God for anyone who is offering himself or herself to this special ministry. We expect that person, and all clergy to invest in formation, training and relationship.  The privilege of leading God’s people in Sunday worship as licensed by a Bishop, is both a gift and an awesome responsibility. We want to enable our laity to engage and offer their ministries with confidence and dignity. This can only come through training experience and formation.

As Bishop of our beloved Diocese, I offer thanks to those who are licensed in any way, clergy and laity alike, and call you to deep and prayerful commitment and thought as we discover fresh resources, clearer pathways and the blessing of our Saviour upon our offering of ourselves.  Look to this webpage as a source for news and online resources as they become available.

I remain, yours in the faith of Christ,

The Right Reverend John E. Watton, Bishop of Central Newfoundland

The Organization

The LLM Association is formally organized in the Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland.  Membership consists of all individuals who have been licenced by the Bishop as Diocesan Lay Ministers.  The Association is governed by an Executive Council, composed as follows:

  • The Patron - the Bishop of the Diocese
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • The Past President (serves for 1 year)
  • Chaplain of LLM (member of clergy appointed by the Bishop)

Executive 2021

  • President - Andy Hillier
  • Vice President - Clyde Seaward
  • Secretary - Phyllis Lewis
  • Treasure - Tom Lambert

Our Objectives and Purpose

The Association gives the opportunity for men and women to unite in worship learning and offering and to assist in the training and guidance of Licenced Lay Ministers.  It also provides an opportunity for participation of men and women in parish and diocesan programs. 

Other objectives of the Association are to provide, mutual self-help, support, and fellowship to LLM in the exercise of their office; to promote and sustain the growth and welfare of the Church within the Diocese; and to provide opportunity for participation of men and women in Parish, and Diocesan programs.
Annual General Meetings of the Association give a venue for members to discuss common issues and share ideas in an atmosphere of community and fellowship.

Regulations and Requirements

The LLM Association is guided by its Constitution which sets out the requirements for governance, operations,  and regulations.  Click here to read or download a copy of the LLM constitution.  For convenience, a number of application and process forms are also available for download.

Membership requirements as well as roles and responsibilities are also presented in the LLM Constitution.  The Bishop's regulations and requirements for LLM are stipulated in the appendices.


"We who have been dedicated as Licenced Lay Ministers are a Lay Priesthood and ought at all times to walk worthy of our calling"

The Licenced Lay Ministers Prayer

Almighty God, who by Your Son, Jesus Christ, did call people and send them forth to work and witness for You; bless we beseech you, the Licenced Lay Ministers Association of this Diocese.

Grant that they, ever walking in the footsteps of Your Son, and being endued with power from on high, may serve you and your Church to the salvation and edification of many souls, through Jesus Christ our Lord.