The Cursillo Movement is one method of renewal in the Church. Its purpose is to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be exercised in work situations, in the family and social life, in leisure activities and within the church.

Cursillo ("kur-see-yo") is a Spanish word which means a short course. The full title is Cursillo de Christiandad, meaning a short course in Christian living. It refers to a program of spiritual renewal initiated by the Spanish Roman Catholic church in the 1940’s.  It is now worldwide in scope and has been adopted by other denominations.

In the Anglican Church of Canada, Cursillo had it’s beginnings in 1982 and is now active in 25 of our dioceses.  Here in the Diocese of Central Newfoundland, it was introduced in January 1986 with approval and assistance of our Bishop and at present we have a growing membership of several hundred.

Cursillo Weekends

Cursillo weekends are conducted in a retreat setting, yet they are not retreats.  Cursillo is an experience of Christian Community, but also a time of instruction in the basics of our faith.

It is a weekend of worship, music, instruction, reflection, discussion, prayer, and fellowship.
It is an instrument of renewal for persons, parishes, and dioceses.
It is a launching pad for Christian action in our world.
It is a support in our world.
It is a support system for Christian pilgrims.
A Cursillo Weekend is Three Days Long

But it lasts a lifetime!


Cursillo Parish Contacts (Click here to download)

We hold monthly Ultreyas (reunions of all who have experienced a Cursillo weekend) at different parishes each month.

For information about our activities and what's going on at any point in time, visit our website:


"Ultreya" is a Spanish word, meaning Onward! It was in common use by pilgrims to greet and to encourage one another along the way.

This word is now used by the Cursillo community to signify regular meetings throughout the diocese. The Ultreya gathers together in a climate of friendship, to share life experiences based on the three teachings highlighted by the Cursillo method: Prayer, Study and Action.

These sharings from real-life experiences, serve as examples to all of us of the challenge which Jesus lays before His followers:

"Go and do likewise."

Rt. Rev. John Watton
Bishop, Diocese of Central Newfoundland