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The Bishop's Message regarding The Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation can only be approached  by travelling through a diversity of current understandings, and the complexities and realities of the lives of the people to whom we are offering the Sacrament.

The traditions, cultural interpretation, practice and theological teachings have changed in practically every generation. In our times Clergy and laity who have accepted the ministry of preparing confirmands are experiencing difficulties and challenges that simply did not exist a generation ago.  

Schedules around sports, school and creative programs have taken priority over the expectations of Confirmation preparation, Worship, and Commitment to Christ and by extension, the Church as a local and institutional part of the community.

We as a Church are bound by love offer the Sacrament of Confirmation.

It is an invitation for young people, and older ones if they so desire, to affirm the promises made at their baptism as their very own. The Sacrament of Confirmation requires a number of specific things to make that possible.

1. Invitation From the Church. We announce our program, the date of Confirmation and extend an invitation.

2.Acceptance People express their desire to be Confirmed, and ask for further information.

3. Commitment. The essence of Confirmation, lies in the Confirmand making a commitment. Confirmation is about accepting the promises made for you at Baptism.

Today, many people who come for Confirmation have not been regular worshippers, or connected with the living out of the Baptismal Covenant (promises and relationship with God and the Church).We understand that, and desire to work with families,children and schedules to do the best we can.


It is important for connections to be made between families, Church, Worship and Community.  This is the foundation of Confirmation, and must be seen as essential for preparation.

We expect our Churches, teachers,Clergy and Parishes to be accommodating and flexible, but it is equally important for families, parents and our young people to understand and commit to classes, worship, and growing in understanding of the Christian life.

Confirmation is a once in a lifetime event.

As Bishop, I strongly encourage parents to talk with their child well in advance of Confirmation, and ensure that you build in time during that formative period to ensure that they can receive the fullness of the Confirmation program.

Confirmation Videos, November 5, 2021

Greetings everyone

I am thankful that many of you have found that a publication of Confirmation videos has been a helpful resource in addition to the work, teaching and fellowship you have been sharing at Confirmation class.

A few things that have been addressed as of now:

  1. Some people were having issues playing a number of the videos.
  2. Some were having difficulty downloading them because of your internet connections and band width.

I have reformatted all of the videos, so there should no longer be an issue playing them on Google. In addition, I have created a Confirmation playlist for you and your students to watch them when you have access to the internet.

To watch the videos on You tube, navigate to the Diocese of Central Newfoundland Channel (

Once there, click on playlists, and you will find “Confirmation Course with Bishop John”. Click on that, and all of the Confirmation Videos will appear!

Or…here is a direct Link:
You Tube Playlist can be found Here.

To Download or watch videos, use this link to get you into the Folder. All videos are there, and
you can Download them as well as watch:


Get in touch with Bishop John, and we will get the videos on a portable storage device and have them sent to you.

Confirmation Studies

The syllabus at present: (The First 14 Videos are complete)

Video 1 Meet Your Bishop
Video 2 What Is a Bishop?
Video 3 God, Creation and You
Video 4 Relationship
Video 5 Your Relationship with God
Video 6 Learning about Prayer
Video 7 The Lord’s Prayer
Video 8 The Bible Part 1
Video 9 The Bible Part 2
Video 10 The Incarnation
Video 11 The Atonement Part 1
Video 12 The Atonement Part 2
Video 13 Introduction to the Holy Trinity
Video 14 Introduction to the Sacraments
Video 15 Baptism
Video 16 Confirmation
Video 17 Holy Communion
Video 18 Marriage
Video 19 Confession - Penance
Video 20 Holy Unction Anointing of the Sick
Video 21 Holy Orders
Video 22 Sacramental Living With Your Gifts
Video 23The Creeds of the Church
Video 24 Inside The Church
Video 25 Worship
Video 26 A Rule Of Life


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