Companion Diocese

Companion Diocese of Rokon

The Diocese of Central Newfoundland has a Companion Diocese partnership with the Diocese of Rokon in the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

Through the development of a strong friendship between Bishop David Torraville and Bishop Francis Loyo and the building of diocesan relationships over several years, the partnership agreement was signed in October 2016, when Bishop Francis toured Newfoundland.  To date we have provided direct support to the Diocese of Rokon for materials and equipment for the for the local production of sanitary napkins to enable young women to stay in school. We have also assisted with post secondary education and the provision of vestments for the clergy and other gifts.

  • The Partnership Agreement is signed

In 2017, a Companion Diocese Committee was established by Bishop John Watton to determine contact networks and prioritize potential projects.

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Bringing in the Sheaves Initiative

An interview with Bishop Francis Loyo
at Queens College, October 2016