The Bible 101

The Bible 101

Here is the source page with all links to the videos, lecture notes and study guides for the course.

You can download the videos from the server.
Just look to the upper right corner of the screen for the download icon.  

The video files are large, so be patient, or just watch them online!

Have Questions  anytime during the course ?
Use the Facebook page, or email Bishop John!

 If at any time you want to review or browse additional material I have made the Bible 101 folder public. Here is the link for that:

The Bible 101 complete folder is available here

Introductory Video: “Before We start” Available here  

Study Guide for the video Available here

Here are the Videos , lecture notes and Study guides.

Lecture One

Lecture One: Preparing for our Journey   Available Here 
Lecture notes and Study Guide.  Available Here

Lecture Two

Lecture Two: How: “Defending the Bible” Destroys Christian Witness and Credibility.   Available Here

Lecture Notes and Study Guide.  Available Here








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