There are 100 churches within 32 Parishes in the Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland. 

For clergy, contact information and the list of churches within each parish, click on the Parish name in the list below.

Badger's Quay - Pool's Island Parish

P.O. Box 59
Badger’s Quay, NL
A0G 1B0

(709) 536-2485


Rev. Tim Graham

Parish Churches:

Badger’s Quay (St. Albans )
Pool’s Island  (St. James)

Bay D’Espoir Parish

 P.O. Box 9
Milltown, NL
A0H 1W0

(709) 882-2727


Rev. Hubert Vallis
Regional Dean

Parish Churches

Milltown (Christ Anglican Church)
Morrisville (Ascension Anglican Church)


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Bay L’Argent Parish

Anglican Rectory
P.O. Box 100
Bay L’ Argent, NL   A0E 1B0

telephone: (709) 461-2406    
fax: (709) 461-3062  

 Rev. Renee Easton

Parish Churches

Baine Harbour (St. Mark)
Bay L’Argent (St. Hilda)
Brookside (Church of the Ascension)
Grand Le Pierre (St. Thomas)
Harbour Mille (St. Mary)
Jacques Fontaine (St. Paul’s)

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Belleoram Parish

P.O. Box 9
Belleoram, NL A0H 1B0

(709) 881-6311


Rev. Tryphena Vallis

Parish Churches:

Belleoram (St. Lawrence)
English Harbour West (St. Thomas)
Mose Ambrose (St. Paul)
Rencontre East (St. Stephen)
St. Jacques (St. Michael & All Angels)

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Bonavista Parish


P.O. Box 489
Bonavista, NL A0C 1B0

telephone: 709) 468-7357
fax: (709) 468-7025


Rev. Shaun O’Connor

Parish Churches:

Bonavista (Christ Church)
Elliston (St. Mary)

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Botwood Parish


P.O. Box 419
Botwood, NL
A0H 1E0

(709) 257-2393



Parish Churches

Botwood (St. James)
Leading Tickles (St. Nicholas)
Norris Arm South (St. Luke)

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Brooklyn Parish

P.O. Box 71
Lethbridge, NL
A0C 1V0

(709) 467-2613

Rev. Isaac Hutchings
Regional Dean

Parish Churches

Brooklyn (St. Andrew)
Bunyan’s Cove (St. Michael & All Angels)
Canning’s Cove (St. John the Divine)
Jamestown (St. James)
Lethbridge (St. Matthew)
Winter Brook (St. Mary the Virgin)

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Buchans Parish

Anglican Rectory
P.O. Box 28
Buchans, NL  A0H 1G0

(709) 672-3909


Parish Churches

Buchans (St. John the Divine)
Millertown (Community)

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Burin Parish

Anglican Rectory
Site 19, Box 153
Burin, NL   A0E 1E0

telephone: (709) 891-1377
fax: (709) 891-1377


Rev. James Spencer

Parish Churches

Burin (Holy Trinity)
Port au Bras (St. Andrew)
St. Lawrence (St. Matthew)

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Catalina Parish

P.O. Box 59
Catalina, NL  A0C 1J0

telephone: 709) 477-2106
fax: (709) 469-2047


Parish Churches

Amherst Cove (St. Nicholas)
Catalina (St. Peter)
Newman’s Cove (St. Andrew)
Port Union (Holy Martyres)

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Fogo Island East Parish


P.O. Box 100
Seldom, Fogo Island, NL   A0G 3Z0

telephone: (709) 627-7909
fax: (709) 627-7909

Rev. Gail Thoms-Williams

Parish Church

Church of the Holy Spirit

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Fogo Island West Parish

P.O. Box 190
Fogo, Fogo Island, NL   A0G 2B0

(709) 266-2283

Rev. Kenneth Abbott

Parish Church

St. Andrews ( Fogo )
The Good Shepherd ( Deep Bay )

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Fortune - Lamaline Parish

P.O. Box 490
Fortune, NL   A0E 1P0

telephone: (709) 832-1502
fax:(709) 832-1502
Hall: (709) 832-0870

Facebook Page Fortune-Lamaline


Rev. Neal Buffett
Regional Dean

Parish Churches

Fortune (All Saints)
Lamaline (St. Mary the Virgin)

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Gambo Parish


P.O. Box 239
Gambo, NL   A0G 1T0

(709) 674-4488

Facebook Link Parish of Gambo


Rev. Hannah Dicks
Regional Dean

Parish Churches

Dover (St. Michael & All Angels)
Gambo (St. George)
Glovertown (St. Edward the Confessor)
Hare Bay (St. Augustine)
Terra Nova (Holy Trinity)

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Gander Parish


Rev. Brian Candow

2 Lindburgh Road
Gander, NL   A1V 1T8
(709) 256-3700

Rev. Dianna Frye

132 Airport Blvd.
Gander, NL    A1V 2E7
(709) 256-3838

Rev. Harvey Bullen (Chaplain)

(709) 256-3830

Parish Churches

Gander (St. Martin’s Cathedral)
Benton (Holy Cross Chapel)

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Gander Bay Parish

P.O. Box 107
361 Main Street
Victoria Cove, NL   A0G 4N0

(709) 676-2005

Rev. Gerald Giles

Rev. Stella Mills (Deacon)
(709) 676-2005

Parish Churches

Baytona (St. John the Evangelist)
Boyd’s Cove (St. George)
Gander Bay (Holy Trinity)

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Grand Bank

P.O. Box 129
Grand Bank, NL   A0E 1W0

(709) 832-0404

Rev. Robert Peddle
Pro Tem

Parish Church

St. Alban's

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Grand Falls


11 Gately Street
Grand Falls–Windsor, NL   A2A 2H2

(709) 489-6597


Rev. Robin Trevors

Holy Trinity Church

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Greenspond - Newtown - Pound Cove

P.O. Box 149
Newtown, NL   A0G 3L0

(709) 536-2281


Rev. Cindy Graham

Rev. Colin Debbe

Parish Churches

Greenspond (St. Stephen)
Newtown (St. Luke)
Pound Cove (St. Mary the Virgin)

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Harbour Breton

P.O. Box 100
Harbour Breton, NL   A0H 1P0

(709) 885-2225

Rev. Bruce Vallis


Parish Churches

Boxey (St. John the Evangelist)
Coomb’s Cove (Holy Trinity)
Harbour Breton (St. Bartholomew)
Wreck Cove (All Saints)

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P.O. Box 39
Hermitage, NL   A0H 1S0

(709) 883-2204



Parish Churches

Gaultois (St. Luke)
Hermitage (St. Saviour)
McCallum (St. Peter)

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Indian Bay

P.O. Box 30
Trinity, B. Bay, NL   A0G 4L0

telephone: (709) 678-2507
fax: (709) 678-2527


Rev. David Coffin  ( On Leave)

Rev. Daphne Parsons

Parish Churches

Centerville (St. Barnabas)
Indian Bay (St. Mary the Virgin)
Trinity (St. Alban)
Wareham (St. John the Baptist)

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King’s Cove

Anglican Rectory
P.O. Box 3
King’s Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL   A0C 1S0

(709) 690-9938


Parish Churches

Charleston (St. Thomas)
Keels (St. Philip)
Princeton (St. Peter)
Redcliffe (St. Michael)
Summerville (St. Mark)

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P.O. Box 696
Lewisporte, NL   A0G 3A0

Facebook Page Anglican Parish of Lewisporte

Rev. Moses Tucker
Rev. Owen Holwell (Deacon)
(709) 535-6361

Parish Churches

Glenwood (St. Andrew)
Lewisporte (St. Paul)
Norris Arm North (St. Mark)

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P.O. Box 69
Creston South, NL   A0E 1K0

(709) 279-2939

Rev. Wayne Short

Parish Churches

Creston (St. Michael & All Angels)
Frenchman’s Cove (St. Luke)
Garnish (St. Giles)
Marystown (St. Mary)
Rock Harbour (St. Peter)

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Port Rexton

P.O. Box 119
Port Rexton, NL   A0C 2H0

(709) 464-3557

Rev. John Nicolle

Parish Churches

Port Rexton (Christ Church)
Champneys West (St. Clements of Rome)
Trinity East (St. Andrews)

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Anglican Rectory
P.O. Box 100
Eastport, NL   A0G 1Z0

(709) 677-2151

Rev. Juanita Freeman

Rev. David Cook (Deacon)

Parish Churches

Burnside (St. Alban)
Eastport (Holy Cross)
Salvage (St. Stephen)
Sandringham (Resurrection)
St. Chad’s (St. James)

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Smith Sound


P.O. Box 40,
Port Blandford, NL   AOC 2GO



Parish Churches

Burgoyne’s Cove (St. Mary the Virgin)
Petley (All Saints)
Port Blandford (St. Aidan)

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St. Mary’s

3 Torraville Place
Clarenville, NL  A5A 1N7

(709) 466-7042


Rev. Sheila Sceviour (Deacon)

14 Thorburn Place
Clarenville, NL   A5A 1Z1
(709) 466-3235

Parish Churches

Clarenville (St. Mary’s)

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Anglican Rectory
P.O. Box 28
Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL   A0C 2S0

telephone: (709) 464-3658
fax: (709) 464-2229


Parish Churches

Dunfield (Good Shepherd)
New Bonaventure (St. John the Evangelist)
Trinity (St. Paul)
Trouty (St. Matthew)

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P.O. Box 278
Twillingate, NL   A0G 4M0

(709) 884-2873


Rev. Dr. Joanne Mercer
Regional Dean

Parish Churches

Change Islands (St. Margaret)
Herring Neck (St. Mary)
Twillingate (St. Peter)

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Windsor - Bishop’s Falls


13 Master’s Avenue
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL   A2B 1J1

telephone: (709) 489-5741
rectory: (709) 489-9452
fax: (709) 489-5741

Parish Website  Windsor-BishopFalls


Rev. Jeffrey Blackwood
Regional Dean

Parish Churches

Bishop’s Falls (St. Andrew)
Windsor/Bishop’s Falls (St. Alban)

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