Church Property Monograph


Enabling Community Discussions Around the Closing and Repurposing of Church Property


While not meant to be definitive or provide a final authoritative position, this monograph hopes to provide a foundation for discussions relating to the closing of ministries, buildings, or administrations of congregations or parishes. For more information please read here



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One comment on “Church Property Monograph
  1. Faye Tetford says:

    Good article. Having lived through the decommissioning of a church building I found familiar discussion points in this writing. The reality is difficult to explain, but the seven stages of grief come to mind (as written by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in the book “On Death and Dying”. It is a difficult process and the one thing I would caution above all else is that the home Diocese stand firm in any decision made. In the case I had experience with, after all was done and dusted and the building de-consecrated, the Parish, congregation, and clergy, still hold church services in the building! What kind of message does that send to community and congregation? Very confusing and tough on emotions.

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