The Bishop’s Teaching and Learning Center

The Bishop’s Teaching and Learning Center

There are many sources of information and documents throughout our Diocesan Website.

Bishop John takes the Episcopal responsibilities  of hearing and sharing what the Spirit is saying throughout the Church and the very clear and defined role of Bishops to be authentic teachers of the faith very seriously.

This page provides a meeting place for the specific studies, writings and interactive programs with our Diocesan Bishop.
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The Bible 101

            This is a complete “self serve” program for people who desire to discover what the Bible is…and what it is not.



New Testament Key Word Studies

Pastoral Writings



Anglican Life is the newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada in the Province of Newfoundland. It is a section of the national paper, Anglican Journal.

AFP Newsletter

The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Canada) publishes newsletters several times during the year.  Check out it out on the national website: