Advent 2017: Living Manger – Living Word

This year the Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland is pleased to share a new Advent resource that has been developed by our very own, Rev. Dr. Joanne Mercer, Parish of Twillingate.  The resource, Advent 2017: Living Manger – Living Word, provides a very focused and meaningful way to take us through each day of the Advent season binging the true meaning of Christmas to life in our world today. 

As we celebrate the gifts of the Christ Child, Hope, Peach, Joy and Love, this worship resource can be used for the lighting of the Advent Candles.  It provides stories of projects being undertaken by the Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) along weekly prayers for the lighting of each candle. The resource also provides daily actions and prayers to help us reflect on who and where we are and how we can direct some of our gift giving in a world that so desperately needs our help.

Rev. Joanne tells it best as she prepares her Parish for the Advent Season.

As we prepare for the feast of Christmas let’s reflect on the story of the Manger by making it a living story. Each week we will focus on a work that Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is doing and actions we can take to support that work. You have been provided with an Advent Spiral to help you count down the days until the feast of Christmas, along with this daily Advent resource.

Each day we will stop, reflect and also put aside money as a part of our Advent preparation. You can then bring your money to church and place it in jars provided and labeled for the specific projects of PWRDF (see end of booklet for more information about the projects). In this way, we can build a living manger, providing livestock to those in need, safe places for children to be born and even supporting families who are forced to flee to Egypt just as Jesus, Mary and Joseph did.

These items, purchased through PWRDF, will make a long term impact on people around the world and will witness to power of the Living Word to transform people’s lives.

If you live outside of our parish, you can still give the money to PWRDF online or you may wish to consider donating to another charity that is in need.

Source: Rev. Dr.  Joanne Mercer
Facebook Group, Advent 2017: Living Manger – Living Word

Here are photos of the projects being supported.  More information on the projects can be found at the end of the Preparation Booklet.

Get Your Goat

Chick It Out

Comfort Food

Special Delivery

 Advent 2017: Living Manger – Living Word

We encourage you to review the materials, Advent 2017: Living Manger – Living Word, and discern whether it is a resource that would be useful in your Parish. Links to the downloadable materials are provided below.  They can also be found in the Resources section of this website on the Documents page.  

Please note that Advent 2017 is also being shared by the national church and PWRDF.




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